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Who We Are
Our programs consist of unique and innovative marketing tools designed to enhance brand image and company profitability by establishing value added programs, an environment conducive to networking and teambuilding, and client entertainment opportunities. Golden Production Services Inc. can work with your organization to create a truly memorable event, workshop or seminar. We offer unique alternatives to traditional concepts used at meetings and events. If you want a high-impact session, exciting special event that will be memorable with your attendees and leave the right impression for your business, then bring Golden Production Services Inc. experts in to share with you their ideas. Golden Production Services Inc. was formed in association with Golden Productions in 1990.

Our Goal
Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of comprehensive, useful, cross-cultural and business-to-business network of programming around the world. From international managers to multi-cultural teams, from top down, we capture the key factors that corporations are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. We help you develop key skills to position your employees for success in the business world….a strategy vision, a creative awareness and a company direction to achieve more profitability.

What We Do
We create and deliver tailor-made solutions and design seminars and programs for corporations that deal with cultural, business and diversity issues. We provide pre-assignment and post-assignment programs as well as on going support.

Who Does It
Our core team of international experts is fully trained to deliver and educate your corporation at any level.

How We Work
Golden Production Services Inc. will personally tailor a seminar for your company. We create an innovative program that is specific to your need through an initial evaluation. Seminar questionnaires are filled out and a complete report and evaluation is delivered.

Where We Work
Seminars are determined by the client's chosen location or seminar facilities around the globe.

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