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Professional Image Consulting
We offer programs in the areas of Professional Dress, Business Etiquette, Body Language, Customer Service, and Professional Image. We also offer a program in presentation skills.

Our trainer is a recognized professional image consultant, trainer/coach, speaker, and author with more than 17 years of experience. Angelina Romanus is the author of the book A Mission Sent From Above. Angelina's programs are designed specifically with your group in mind. She shares original anecdotes with her audiences, gathered from over twenty years of experience as a speaker and trainer. Her presentations are packed with wit and valuable insights. A former professional model, Angelina has over 17 years of corporate experience.

Professional Image Topics:

First Impressions are very important. It is thought that in the first thirty seconds individuals make judgments about us on a subconscious level, based on what they see, hear and sense. Attention to detail can make a big difference. From business casual to the ultimate powerhouse look, tailor your presentation for success in today's business world. Think about grooming and appropriate clothing.

Learn how to Project More Power, Confidence and Credibility through your image today! Make an impact! Grooming and posture always create an impression. "What you wear, the way you portray yourself etc. speaks as to who you are.” See the various profile of Corporate. Wear the appropriate Office Attire. See what the Psychological Effect of Color can unveil. Learn attention to detail and authority dressing guidelines. Learn how gestures together with other nonverbal communication such as facial expressions, are an important part of body language. Know how to gesture for effect, on public platforms or in face-to-face meetings, will help to convey your message.

Choosing the Right Colors

Selecting color is one of the most challenging choices of the selection process. Consider employee's position, day or evening event, decor of the room, location and the service provided.
Ensuring Employees Comfort

Whatever color, fabric or style you select for yourself, it is essential that you are comfortable.

We build beauty from the inside out by starting with a proper
diet and developing good nutrition habits. We add the art of
hair care, make-up and manicure for a total look.


Solid business relationships are nurtured with superior customer service and mastering the art of etiquette and the social graces. Add polish and presence to the substance and outclass the competition.

This is the most complete package on coordinating a wardrobe that works for your individual needs while highlighting your assets and diminishing your flaws. Color-coding and figure analysis are provided to determine your proportions and color type to help you select the best style for you. An advanced version of this course is also available for professionals, fashion coordinators, models and designers who wish to improve their professional skills.

Master the art of oral presentation and project a professional approach toward the improvement and quality of voice. You will learn the art of speaking effectively to groups. You will develop the poise, grace and style and voice control that enables one to focus attention on the message to be presented. Master the art of oral presentation. Eliminate tension and deliver a presentation where you speak confidently and close effectively.

An international concept, our aim is to introduce various multi-cultural and contemporary modes of etiquette to make you more sensitive and confident even in a foreign atmosphere.


The shortest and easiest way to achieve the professional model “know how” and look. We offer instruction in modeling technique to improve posture and poise, grace, style and mannerisms and to attain a sense of presence for a better you.

This course will help you identify your true potential & inner and outer strengths.

You will learn the art of posing. You will be photographed in a variety of poses for final analysis of your photogenic qualities.

Course 105 Personal and Professional Credibility, Confidence and Charisma
Credibility, Confidence and Charisma are some key characteristics shared by winners in all facets of life. Some people have the astounding ability to forge an instant bond with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Their talent is called rapport...and you can have it too!

Your Personal Credibility Are The Keys To Success
In this course you will learn to take control of your business and personal life. You will dissolve communication barriers with clients and colleagues. You will find out how to influence others, overcome shyness, negotiate and interact more effectively.
This session is designed to increase your personal and professional credibility.

Communication: The single most important ingredient for success in your career is effective communication.
Solid business relationships are nurtured with superior customer service and mastering the art of etiquette and the social graces. Add polish and presence to the substance and outclass the competition.

Business relationships are developed and strengthened in social situations. Mastering the art of fine dining adds to the competitive edge in today's social and business climate. The host and the guest each have a responsibility to ensure the overall success of the event.
? The Origin and Etiquette of Afternoon Tea
? Entertaining at Private Clubs

Course 106 Professional Image

This seminar is designed on the accepted guidelines for business dress with hands-on individual recommendations for a confident business look. Learn the impact of your appearance in business, how to look competent, credible, approachable, and how to build a business wardrobe on a limited budget.

Business Casual

This seminar includes the "four levels" of business casual and their appropriateness. You will learn how to select the appropriate clothing and accessories, and how to build a casual wardrobe based on your existing corporate wardrobe.

Course 107 Executive Coaching

This is a one-on-one consultation to enhance a person's professional presence. Based on the individual's position and career goals, you will learn how to master the use of body language, manners, and words in interaction with colleagues, clients, and customers. It includes dining and entertaining etiquette, presentation skills, and other areas of personal interest. Well-groomed employees project a sense of confidence to the publics they serve. They add to the overall credibility of the organization represent.


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