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Golden Production Services Inc. corporate seminars promote long-term learning to professionals at all levels of the corporate ladder. This includes sales professionals, managers and top executives wishing to enhance their skill set, young executives with aspirations for advancement, people seeking international positions and men and women wishing to improve their personal and professional image. Participants will learn new concepts to be more creative in their field, to become uplifted in business and to broaden their knowledge about globalization, intercultural management, and business principles.

Experience the trip of a lifetime and choose from many of our tour packages, which can include our popular topic “Castles and Kings”. Learn about leadership in business and visit Castles. See, hear, feel, taste and touch as we bring you to find your inner and outer talents and gifts.

Enjoy 11 days of luxury cruising aboard a cruise line.
Learn and Profit from the top experts as they share their success stories.
Explore and step back in history to the momentous days.
Share new ideas and make new friends with like-minded people.

Medieval Castles Around The World - Scotland - Ireland - England - Germany - France - Italy - Spain

This could not only be the trip of a lifetime, but you'll also profit from the experience.
Take your business on board a cruise ship and see how productive a relaxed employee can be!

As a leader of your company, are you looking for new ways to inspire, motivate, or reward your staff? You can join the one of the latest and most productive trends, by booking a cruise:

For your employees, for a job well done.
For your sales team as a Presidents Club Reward.
For a group meeting and/or training seminar.
For your best workers or senior executives.

Most ships now provide: Full conference room capabilities. Audio and video equipment. Support as needed.
A Cruise Ship Product Marketing or Rollout Presentation could also make a favorable and lasting impression on your target attendees. Golden Production Services Inc. will book your group with all the needed amenities, and will coordinate with you every step of the way to make your cruise meeting a memorable, motivating, and productive experience.
Golden Production Services Inc. will provide customized seminars based on the needs of your company or organization.


  • To learn new trends in business practices.

  • To exchange ideas and to share information among participants.

  • To build a network in your company that will translate the company vision into personal involvement and alignment for your employees.

  • To experience hands on training, which can be utilized within the dynamics of the company.

  • To generate motivation enthusiasm and commitment.

  • To sharply focus your efforts on what is most important to your future success.

  • To improve tomorrow's results through efficient and effective strategic management.

  • Our programs consist of unique and innovative marketing tools designed to enhance brand image and company profitability by establishing added value programs, an environment conducive to networking and teambuilding, and client entertainment opportunities. Golden Production Services Inc. can work with your organization to create a truly memorable event. We offer unique alternatives to traditional concepts used at meetings and events. If you want a high-impact, exciting special event that will be memorable with your attendees and leave the right impression for your business, then let Golden Production Services Inc. show you how we can help differentiate your event with some terrific ideas.

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