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Sandy Dumont

Sandy Dumont is a branding and image development professional with more than 25 years experience. Dumont has lectured and coached throughout Europe, and she is recognized there as a leader in image development. Her unique background in fashion education, art and psychology enabled her to develop a reliable system of powerful tools for image enhancing as well as personal leadership presence. Because of her unique technical background, Sandy has become known as the Image Architect.

Dumont is a founding member of the Professional Speakers Association of England, and is a member of the National Speakers Association of the US. Toastmasters International credentials her as a Competent Toastmaster. In 1997 Dumont was chosen by the Belgian Radio & Television (BRT) to serve as their color & image consultant when they launched their new look. Other clients have included WTKR-TV, TV Brussels, CBN-TV, American Express Financial Advisors, ITT, Hotel Meridien, Sheraton Hotel, Rolex, Mobistar French Telecom, Mitre Corporation, the US Navy & Air Force, TWA, Wang, Yves St. Laurent Cosmetics, Lancôme and General Cosmetics of Holland.

Dumont has been a faculty member with the prestigious Management Center Europe, where she conducted branding/image workshops. She also conducted workshops for the American Embassy in Brussels. Dumont is a graduate of the John Robert Powers Fashion & Finishing School in Washington, D.C. and was a faculty member of the Barbizon (Fashion) School. Sandy Dumont is also a monthly columnist for Tidewater Women magazine.

Sandy Dumont is a certified crisis counselor who is also credentialed in assertiveness training by Moran Management Development (London). She has led assertiveness training workshops since 1995. She uses her consummate skills to enable her serious management clients to subtly increase their presence and influence. Dumont has mentored client executives in branding themselves in the marketplace and has trained managers at all levels to excel in their personal branding skills.

Her skill sets apply to the areas of corporate and political image, branding, risk communications, executive management media interactions, and situations of litigation. Ms. Dumont provides the necessary actions and training required in an environment where perceptions drive motivations, performance and marketplace position.

Diana became fascinated with language phonetics after simply stumbling (or was it mumbling?) her way in to this field.

Diana didn't shy away from the difficult sounds of language, such as the French nasal n, the German umlaut, or the Spanish rolling r.

Diana has also written How to Pronounce French Rose Names, published by Luminosa Publishing, Inc. She currently brings correct pronunciation to the public through her "How To Pronounce" books and presentations.

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