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Companies are finding themselves competing on a global stage with fierce competition, volatile economic conditions and scarce resources. GOLDEN PRODUCTIONS is dedicated to helping you problem solve and to shorten business cycles. We become your partners in designing top down strategies to resolve issues. We help you link company into a cohesive manner so you can reach your target goals.
We take this collaborative approach, so that you can make smarter decisions, reduce high risks, design, develop and deliver better solutions. Our well-known expertise lies in the people management arena. Our distinguished panel includes National speakers, Authors, Celebrities, Chefs, Wine Tasting Experts, Professional Photographers, Makeup and Hair Artists, Wine Experts and more.

Working together, our mission is to provide people-focused solutions to maximize your business operations.

Ongoing Support

Our specialized services include enhancing your corporate culture and environment with a diverse spectrum of resources focused on the infrastructure of your organization.

Golden Productions can add sales and marketing/communication support and value to manage or become part of your team. We provide support in HR which includes problem solving employee relations issues; mentoring and coaching your Leadership team; supporting employees and management through organizational changes; policy and procedure development; career management for transitioning employees; managing performance improvement; designing and implementing performance management systems; conducting internal investigations and exit interviews; and representing your company at discrimination/EEOC hearings.

We offer financial, strategic, operational and organizational consulting to companies in transition.

Project Work

Typical projects include the design and delivery of programs/workshops and facilitating strategic planning sessions.

Customers in the past have benefited from the strategic courses that have been offered. No other consulting firm can offer you this depth of domain expertise and uniqueness. Our innovative programs will make you a winner.

Call us today. Our team is ready to plan your next event.

Toll Free 1888-275-2157

Opening Act

Course 000 Masquerade Reception

Learn and be introduced in the group and who your team will be for the seminar. Come dressed in a costume for the theme of choice and enjoy the reception.


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